Sounds of Dortmund

(Music theater film)

With Sounds of Dortmund, the Dortmund Opera picks up where the MusiCircus left off in the 2018/19 season. Once again, music-making formations and all Dortmunders were invited to become part of the performative sound collage. For one day, Dortmund should be played with music, noises, sounds and performances. A poetic sound work of art in which the diversity of the city with its individual sounds is the focus ... Continue reading


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concept and idea : Alvaro Schoeck, Houssie Shirin


film production : mediawelle


film crew leader : Eduard Starcic

camera DOP : Eduard Starcic & Jakob Gehrmann

editor : Eduard Starcic , Alvaro Schoeck

sound : Lukas Schmidtke

drone operator: Niklas Bott





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Nießenstr.38, D51103 Köln



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